10 Crazy Stories About King Arthur and His Knights

The early foundations of the Arthurian legends, which other writers later expanded on, can be found in The History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth, which was published sometime around 1136 AD. For centuries, people believed Geoffrey’s accounts were accurate depictions of England’s past. However, it’s now considered a piece of fiction.

Today, it’s still debated if King Arthur was a real person or simply a fictional character. There are no surviving written artifacts that mention him from the time period when he supposedly lived, which was between the 5th and 6th century. However, some scholars think that Arthur may be based on a Roman affiliated soldier that led British military forces against invading Saxons.

As we already mentioned, Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are popular literary characters, and different writers have interpreted their tales in different ways. It is similar to comic book characters; there are many different iterations of the characters and their adventures. So these stories aren’t from one writer – instead, they’re pulled from different, famous Arthurian works. But one thing that does tie them all together is that they are all super messed up.

10. Arthur’s Conception

King Arthur’s father is Uther Pendragon, and how he came to sire Arthur is pretty dark, and very creepy. That picture? That’s Uther. So you can see he’s already got “creepy” down to a science.

The story starts with Uther falling in love with a woman named Igraine. The problem is that Igraine is married to the Duke of Cornwall, Gorlois. Uther and Gorlois get into an argument about it and this leads to Uther invading Gorlois’ land.

A short distance away from his castle, Gorlois is killed. Meanwhile, Uther has Merlin change his appearance so that he would look like Gorlois. He then walks straight into Gorlois’ castle and has sex with his widow. Igraine becomes pregnant with Arthur and when he is born, he is given to Merlin to be raised.

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