10 Lost Civilizations That Disappeared

Lost Civilizations have been found all over the world. Many explorers have found magnificent temples or cities, hidden away somewhere nobody ever visits. Lost Civilizations are often filled with treasures, art and other amazing artefacts that give us insights into how they lived their lives. Lost civilizations were often powerful or significant in some way, and how any of them disappeared is a mystery.

1. Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus cities reached their peak during a period of 500 years between 2600 BC, and 1900 BC, but then there civilization was torn apart and destroyed, and nobody knows why. How did it go from being one of the greatest civilizations of it’s time, to disappearing in 1500 BC? One possibility is that there was a devastating war. Ancient texts talk about northern invaders, attacking the Indus Valley, but there’s little evidence to support this theory. It’s clear that many of them died from malaria, so disease could be a large contributing factor. A drought or diverted river could also have destroyed this civilization.

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