10 Of The Most Powerful Dynasties From History

Large close-knitted families who hold immense power can be seen throughout history. By appointing family members to different positions around the world, you can make yourself a lot more powerful. And many of the families on this list had more power than you could possibly imagine. This is a list of the 10 most powerful dynasties from history.

1. Medici Family

The Medici is an Italian banking family who rose to power by getting into the business at the early stages of banking. There was no limit to how much power they could gain, they went from a banking family, to a political dynasty, and even managed to become a royal house. They owned the largest bank in Europe during the 15th century. They started to make connections with the Vatican, and even managed to produce three popes. Before getting into banking they built their wealth on the textile trade, which is how they managed to fund their first bank. The Medici were possibly the wealthiest family in Europe for a while. Their bank was one of the most admired institutions in the continent. They are one of the most famous dynasties frrom history.

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