10 Reasons Ben Franklin was the Coolest, Greatest Founding Father

In our current society, it is rare for someone to have skills and traits that extend across industries and crafts. Rarely do we see an inventor moonlight as a politician or an author make a startling discovery in the sciences. Benjamin Franklin was the quintessential Renaissance man: a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. His intellectual curiosity saw him tackle many paths and make great contributions to many fields. As a result, Benjmain Franklin will probably forever be remembered as one of the coolest and greatest Founding Fathers.

10. Establishment of Newspaper

After working as an apprentice to his older brother at a print shop, Benjamin Franklin left Boston for Philadelphia, where he bought his own shop. During his time apprenticing for his brother, he worked earnestly as a writer and established himself as a humorist and satirist, skills he would carry over to his own newspaper. The Pennsylvania Gazette, his weekly newspaper, and Poor Richard’s Almanack were both successes.

The Almanack sold nearly 10,000 copies – a staggering figure for colonial times. As a result of his great success as a newspaper man, Franklin was able to retire at the ripe age of 42 years old. Franklin’s ability to be financially set at such an early age was a major factor in his ability to have such success in other fields.

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