10 Reasons the Real Captain Morgan was a Total Badass

If you are old enough to drink, you have most likely seen the image of Captain Morgan on the bottles of rum in your local shops. You probably assumed that this was a made-up character for their brand, like Ronald McDonald or Tony the Tiger. In reality, this image is based on Sir Henry Morgan, who sailed the Caribbean in the Seventeenth Century.

10. He Was a Privateer

Most people think that Henry Morgan was a pirate, but he was was technically a privateer, also known as a buccaneer. This means he was like a freelance pirate, but it was perfectly legal. In many ways, this was so much better than being an actual pirate, because instead of attacking boats at random, privateers were given a specific mission to accomplish, and they were almost guaranteed to get paid for their efforts. Members of the English government sometimes hired privateers who were willing to assist the royal navy with their ships and crew.

Morgan was born into an aristocratic family in Wales. He grew up spending time in his grandfather’s mansion called Tredegar House, and he became a pirate simply because he thought it was awesome. Morgan called himself a “gentleman adventurer,” and trained with a mentor named Sir Christopher Myngs, who taught him how to fight, and gave him a strong code of ethics to follow.

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