10 Reasons Why The Mongols Were So Feared

In the beginning, the Mongols were simply disorganized tribes of brilliant horse archers, but under Genghis Khan they became the greatest fighting force the medieval world had ever seen. They built the largest contiguous empire in the history, and nobody was more feared than them. The Mongols won countless battles, often against much larger armies. Their conquests and invasions are part of the reason they were so feared. This is a list of 10 reasons why the Mongols were so feared.

1. Unparalleled Skill On Horseback

The Mongols had truly unparalleled skill on horseback, they used their bows in perfect harmony with the movement of the small horses they rode. While riding in the midst of battle, a Mongol would time his shot so that he fired when the trotting horse’s hoofs had left the ground completely, so that the horse was level in the air when he shot. Mongols would do this consistently throughout the battle. Skills like these were only attainable because the Mongols would train archery and horse riding as soon as it was physically possible. The Mongols rode horses so small they only needed to eat grass to survive, which is beneficial for long journeys. There’s never been a superior cavalry force in history.

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