Top 10 Evil Historical Figures Too Brutal for History Books

We’ve all heard of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, etc. But what about the evil men and women our history books don’t mention? Is there anyone more evil than Hitler? Is there anyone who is more cut throat (literally and figuratively) than Stalin? These men and women in this list are the people that our history books have forgotten and probably won’t appear in one in a long time.

10. Elizabeth Bathory

Bathory was born on August 7, 1560 in Hungary and was known as a Countess. Born into a power family name in Hungary, we can probably assume she was well off in life. Bathory was already known as a cut-throat lady because of the countless deaths of peasants and servants under her authority which she got away with because of her high status. From direct orders made by King Matthias, based on his suspicions, he sent Count Gyorgy Thurzo to the Csejthe Castle. There, he discovered the viciousness of Bathory. Thurzo caught Bathory in the middle of torturing mainly young girls. Her inhumane form of torture consisted of jamming needles and pins under her victim’s fingernails and tying them down to soak them in honey so ants and bees could attack them. The Count even participated to please his lady, but when he died in the early 1600s, Bathory methods started getting worse. Bathory, along with her partner in crime (Ilona Joo, her former nurse and a witch), abducted girls and tortured them. She would bite chunks of their flesh, cook them, and force them to eat their flesh. Bathory believed that human blood made an individual’s skin look young and healthy. She killed these young girls for their blood and rubbed her body with blood to stop her from aging.

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